The target group of users who visit the server is known primarily by the fact that they can appreciate high quality of goods and services. Advertisements on our server will address mostly middle and higher classes of the population.

On it is possible to use several formats of advertisements ? from classic banners to PR articles. In total, there are these four types:

  1. Classic banner advertisement
  2. PR articles
  3. Company records (tour operators)
  4. Special offers

Banner advertisements
On different pages of the portal it is possible to place banner advertisements in different sizes and technologies ? from flash banners to animated GIFs to HTML banners. Implementation of non-standard format can also be consulted.

Public Relation articles
One of the very effective ways of addressing customers is a PR article. We offer a possibility to insert an advertisement notice composed by your PR department.

Company records
For the need to advertise a narrow segment we have chosen a separate link called ?tour operators?. This is a paid service which you can get free of charge for the first three months. In this service you can have either basic information (the name and contacts) or an extended version with several long-term offers.

Special offers
We are open to co-operation or advertisement of special offers, golf packets, discounted green fee for our users, etc.

Are you interested in more information?
See detailed info on individual services or send us an email at

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If your are interested in advertising on, please download our Price List:

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