How do I get a handicap


There are many ways how to get into golf. No matter if it is an enthusiastic story from your friend who is addicted to it or when you see a golf tournament on TV, it is not important. It is curiosity what usually wins and it will lead you to a golf course and you hold a golf club in your hand for the first time and try to hit a small white ball. It is said that nine out of ten people are impressed by flying ball so much that they stick with it.

Then there is, for many people, a distressful way to the point when they set out for a course for the first time. Before this there are usually more or less hours of practising different hits and strikes with all clubs. Of course, it is also a realization of your own body and its abilities. And, last but not least, you must get your mental stability which helps you forget about weak moments and bad hits and, on the other hand, brand a few successful hits in your memory. This is the best food for golfer?s soul.

As soon as you reach a certain level of abilities to hit ball forward and in an approximately intended direction, you desire for comparison of your abilities with other golfers. You often do not realize that in a training meadow, where you slowly started to impress (mainly yourself) by hits one as another, it always lands somewhere. Yes, but this is not golf. At the moment when you enter the first tee, or more precisely the "teeing ground", there will not be a wide open "driving range" but notably narrower path of the first hole. But your self-confidence is so high that you do not recognize this seemingly slight difference, but only until your ball disappears somewhere in shrubs, wood, water, sand or even outside the course. This is golf and you have just become a golfer. With your typical dourness you set out to find that small little tommyrot to places where a stick with a flag is planted in a hole which you will reach after many more or less unsuccessful hits. That is how it goes on all over the course. But you already play golf. And, of course, competitiveness starts to grow inside you which is a driving force of all games and which will lead you back to the course again and again after all failures to prove yourself, and mainly the whole world, that you manage it.

You can enlist in a tournament and get your first registered result which would be a foundation stone of your pyramid of successes and failures, but it will be firmly settled in your golf annals. Nevertheless, it is better to play with friends who are experienced and can help you at this moment. You can learn something from them when playing and improve yourself. It is also good to choose a trainer, but a good one, and respect his instructions due to which your play will improve to your satisfaction.

And this will go on and years will pass and your golf life will be a mixture of mostly pleasant moments spent with golf. So, good luck.

Source: Ota Doležal, server editor