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The golfer is like connected vessels. This is an interesting statement, isn’t it? But if we enlarge upon it, we will see it is true. The golfer’s play is dependant on many factors, and the better ingredients he/she gets, the better his/her results are. Let’s mention at least his/her coach’s work, personal diligence, relaxation and peace of mind. Without these elements in one vessel, even the most gifted player cannot put his/her best abilities into the other vessel. And it is the two last mentioned ingredients which can be influenced by the level of accommodation and catering.

This should be obvious to all facilities offering these services, as for each golf player it is important where he/she can get refreshment (and how good it is!) or when to spend a night. The golf player is a fussy animal and he/she expects to get appropriate service for his/her money.

We also understand that and that is why at every golf course we offer you only proven facilities which are really worth visiting. Under the details of each golf course you will find the following part:

This part will take you to the nearest area, hotels and restaurants recommended by our server. In case you do not agree with our opinion, please let us know in your commentary – so that your view can be shared by other golfers. We are here for you. Therefore in the future we will prepare our own scoring system which will give points to the listed facilities. In that way, even among the best of the best offers you will see which one is really worth it and which one leaves something to be desired.

Have a nice game!